5 tips to rebalance the Feminine and Masculine in you

Inner peace, joy, and full self-expression can be reached through rebalancing the feminine AND masculine energies.

The 1st tip to rebalance these energies is to observe and recognize both energies in you and outside: what are the qualities, the distortions of false qualities coming from fear? How are they expressed? What is their impact?…etc.
You can begin with the one that is easier for you to train your mind to recognize these energies.

The 2nd tip is to interrupt your judgment about what you observed. Whatever it is, it is ok; judging is reinforcing what you don’t like. So focus on what you want.

The 3rd tip is don’t try to change the world & others; start with yourself. Be the change!

The 4th tip is to honor and reinforce both energies in you.
For example, honor your creative skills (more feminine) and spend time creating, painting, writing, dancing… and creating a new project, business idea… etc.
Or plan the details of a trip and organize it. Or make a difficult decision and take action accordingly… etc.

The 5th tip is to CONSCIOUSLY merge your feminine and masculine qualities, create that dance, that infinite movement.
You’ll then realize your oneness, be fully aware, and awake to your whole Presence.

Each of us—man or woman—carries aspects of both the sacred masculine energy and the sacred feminine energy. The balance of the two energies helps determine each individual’s life path, passions, and natural tendencies for how we choose to live.

The Self Mastery program I offer is about self-awareness and self-authoring; it’s about learning how to free yourself to reach full self-expression. And a part of it is learning to become the powerful being you are, with your feminine and masculine energies and owning both of them.

So if you want to learn how to restore balance and transform your life experience, I am offering complimentary calls with me and my team. To book your session go to: https://www.cecilerandoing.com/apply/