C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! !
You are entering the final phase of the Self Mastery program; you went through and accomplished a lot during the previous 8 weeks. We really want to celebrate your commitment, your dedication, and your courage to face your inner limitations in order to free yourself and achieve your fullest potential. 

The 8E self-assessment will help you measure your progress on the different aspects of yourself and Life.

Measurement is important and it will help you to identify what still needs to be transformed in yourself to strengthen your connection with your essence and realign with your Sacred Dream.

First, read this questionnaire ... don't rush, take your time. There are about 30 questions, some are open and others closed. Then dedicate a moment (about 15-20 min) where you will not be disturbed, to answer it. 

Remember that you will complete this questionnaire for yourself, for your well-being, your learning, your self-awareness, ... be as honest as possible.

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