Your Akashic Records is an energetic imprint of every thought, action, emotion, and experience that has ever occurred in time and space for you. They are unique and contain wisdom that you can learn to access and trust. The Records can guide you in choosing the path of least energy and maximum efficiency, the path of beauty & grace.
They represent a powerful tool of transformation and liberation for those who have access to them.

Your personal Akashic Records contains every piece of information regarding your soul's experience.
Within the Records, you can access sacred wisdom about your relationships, your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, your soul journey, and much more. They hold information about every area of your life and your soul.

It is an important "tool" to evolve towards more consciousness and facilitates self-liberation (the liberation from the imprisonment of our fears).

This six-week training will help you learn to access the Akashic Records and use the wisdom in a confident way for yourself. 

Whether you are new to intuitive work or already accessing the Records, this course will help you strengthen your connection with your inner knowing, and will open and expand your abilities significantly.

The Initiation course includes
  • 6 weeks of live 90-minute group zoom video training sessions, facilitated by Cecile Randoing, Master Akashic Guide & Teacher
  • Your Personal Prayer to access the Akashic Records for yourself
  • Releasing techniques for emotional and spiritual self-healing
  • Energy transmissions to strengthen your confidence in your inner knowing
  • Live Akashic Records demonstrations
  • Q&A sessions to answer your questions about accessing and working with the Akashic Records
  • Audio and Video Recordings of all sessions
  • Training Manual
  • Private Facebook group
Topics covered
  • What are the Akashic Records?
  • What are the benefits of working in the Records?
  • Science and Akashic Records
  • Relationship between intuition and Akashic Records
  • Energetic Initiation to the Akashic Records
  • The art of questioning, to explore information from your own Akashic Records
  • Self-healing through the Akashic Records
  • Ancestral lineage clearing & healing
  • Connection to your sacred purpose
  • Anchoring your practice
Your guide & teacher
Cecile Randoing, the ex-left brain engineer who became a spiritual mentor.

She brings more than 25 years of experience weaving spiritual guiding, ceremony hosting, coaching, and entrepreneurship to her clients.

During the last 15 years, she have guided women and men in raising their consciousness, healing their emotional wounds, and aligning to their true purpose.

Her mission is to be a guardian of the light.
She will guide you to become who you really are and to raise your consciousness to bring more Light into the world

Mondays at 6 :30 pm CET / 5 :30 pm GMT / 12 :30 pm EST

June 14, 21, 28, July 5, 12, and 19 2021
Energy Exchange
The regular price for this course is 797 euros.
What you will learn
. Understand what are the Akashic Records and how to work with them.
. Release technique #1 to remove blockages & doubt.
. Clarification of your intention.
. Stepping into your inner light.

. Energetic initiation to the Akashic Records.
. Transmission of your Personal Prayer.
. Q&A session.
. Practice opening & closing your Akashic Records.

. Formulating questions to explore information from your own Akashic Records.
. Live Akashic Records demonstrations.
. Q&A session.

. Self-healing with the Akashic Records protocol.
. Live Akashic Records demonstrations.
. Q&A session.
. Energy transmissions to anchor inner transformation.
Ancestral clearing
. Ancestral lineage clearing & healing with the Akashic Records protocol.
. Live Akashic Records demonstrations.
. Q&A session.
. Release technique #2 to remove blockages & doubt.
. Sacred purpose connection with the Akashic Records.
. Live Akashic Records demonstrations.
. Q&A session.
. Energy transmissions to strengthen confidence in inner knowing.
My approach, obviously guided by the Akashic Records, is simple, direct and describe only true energy (no myth, story or dogma).
The vocabulary is accessible to everyone, there is no special prerequisite, except the commitment to respect and integrity.

What makes this course unique is the time dedicated to your own healing to remove any doubt about the truth of the information received and develop your confidence in your inner knowing.

What others are saying

"I am able now to use my Akashic Records as a magic opportunity to access hidden information specifically about my sacred path.
I can ask whatever I want. To know that the answers are going to help me move forward on my path with greater compassion for myself and those around me is empowering.
Cécile Randoing is grounded, strong and so patient. I love how that allows me to better interpret the messages and imagery that I receive. I can check in whenever something important is troubling me or just to touch base with where I am at that time. Powerful & Great fun, too."
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Mary MG.
Coach & healer
"Cecile Randoing is a very skillful Akashic Records Master.

And she is more than that as she uses a lot of different practices and techniques to help her students to trust the guidance they receive from the Records and grow spiritually.
Her approach is highly intuitive and personalized.

I highly recommend working with her and beginning the empowering Akashic journey with her."

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Aliya K.
Founder & serial entrepreneur
Do I need to have an advanced spiritual practice to start the course?
Not at all; all levels of experience are welcome. What’s important is your willingness and intention.
And my approach is simple, direct, and describes only true energy (no myth, story, or dogma). The vocabulary is accessible to everyone; there is no particular prerequisite.
Is there a lot of practice during the course or is it a theoretical course?
There is a lot of practice during the live session and in between sessions. It’s highly recommended that you practice opening your Akashic records and accessing the wisdom available for you daily if you can.
There is also some theory, especially at the beginning of the course, first to reassure your left brain and give you a reference frame.
Does accessing the Akashic Records help one develop intuition?
Oh yes! This openness to the messages, signs, synchronicities… to the bigger dream and honing your intuition is one of the impacts of working with the Akashic Records.
After a while, you will experience that everything is meaningful and reflect you.
Can one heal old emotional wounds with the Akashic Records?
Yes, it’s one of my favorite works with the Records!
During the course, you will be able to release unhealthy beliefs and learn to heal your emotional wounds. The work is profound and helps you connect to your true nature.
It brings liberation and confidence.
What if the mind takes over?
How do we differentiate between mind or illusion and reality?
That’s a fundamental question; I saw so many people doubting the information and guidance they received from the Records, doubting themselves. And that’s really sad.
The mind takes over only when there is doubt, judgment, or fear.
The Initiation course is built to help you build confidence in your abilities, recognize the very special energy of the Akashic Records and trust the guidance you’ll receive.
Can we fail in accessing our Akashic Records?
We are, in fact receiving information from our Akashic Records daily, but it’s unconsciously.
The course will allow you to access your Akashic Records consciously and intentionally.
It would be best if you had some practices at the beginning and the support I’ll provide. And once you’ve been attuned to the vibrations of the Akashic Records, you cannot fail unless you decided to.
Did you use the Akashic Records to create the course?
Well, this course and the following levels had been in gestation for 12 months, and 6 months ago, during a silent retreat, while accessing my Akashic Records, I was supported in creating these courses.
The wisdom guided me to structure the initiation course in this unique way, which will help you to trust yourself and recognize the truth.
Is the Akashic Records field comparable to heightened consciousness?
Science and native traditions agree that consciousness is outside the brain, in the energy field, or quantum field.
The heightened consciousness is the consciousness freed from family, cultural, societal conditioning... a more raw or pure consciousness. So yes, it can be associated with the Akashic Records.
And the Akashic Records are even vaster.

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