Asking questions and receiving answers from the Akashic Records?

The questions we ask are defined by our way of thinking. What we think about and how we perceive the world affect reality at a very deep and fundamental quantum level. This then informs and modifies the information field from which the 3D reality emerges.

We create the reality of human experience with the questions we ask and the procedures we undertake to find the answers.

So asking questions when we are in the Akashic field is not a mundane thing but a sacred act as it can profoundly impact ourselves.

The questions you ask the Akashic Records can be about:

  • Your current life challenges or specific events,
  • Your interactions with intimate partner, family, friends, colleagues, partners, clients, institutions …,
  • Repetitive patterns, behaviors, beliefs, emotional wounds… you notice and how to heal or transform them,
  • Ancestral lineage blockages and healing,
  • Dreams (recurring or not),
  • Influences from illusions, dreams, collective dreams/beliefs, past lives (if it has a meaning for you),
  • Your spiritual path, purpose, and direction.

How to ask a question and when it is asked plays an essential role in what answer we get from the Akashic Records.

At the beginning of your practice with the Akashic Records, you can receive a single word as an answer, a sensation, or an image. It requires time and, most of all, practice to fine-tune your questions and the way to perceive the answers.

The more you practice, the easiest it will be.

You can also find greater help and clarity through an Akashic Records consultation, a beautiful process through which I will open your Akashic Records for you and with you. This process will allow you to craft powerful questions and receive the information you seek, the healing you need, the clarity you are yearning for.
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