As part of Blossom you get:

Personal Help Desk

You get continued access to the Personal Helpdesk, just like you did with Self Mastery program. We’ll answer help emails or messages just as normal during business hours.

We’ll unconditionally support your blossoming, help you heal remaining wounds, or patterns that are yet unconscious, and support the manifestation of your Sacred Dream.

Also, you'll be around an incredible peer group, women who uplift you, constantly remind you of your greatness, and celebrate your successes, all aimed at fostering your growth as a woman.


Exclusive Training & Healing Group Session

This session will help you align you with your potential gracefully. It's a small, private call with me where you will receive guidance on all your questions and also receive new teaching or tools, have inspiring discussions with guest speakers, according to what you'll need in your blossoming process.
You will also receive energy transmission to uplift and catalyze the next step of your transformation on this call.


Q&A Group Call

You have one specific Q&A group call each month to ask all the questions you may have about your personal development work and any topics related to the content provided during the Training & Healing Group Session or after implementing it.

This is a great opportunity to gain further insight and understanding into your personal development journey.


One private 1:1 transformational call

You’ll have one 30-min online 1:1 transformational session, each month.

On this call, we will help you stay focused on manifesting your Sacred Dream, while helping you to identify and work through any negative thoughts/beliefs that may slow your progress. This session will help you to face the truth, reveal your blind spots, get back on track, get the outcomes you want, and have the accountability you need.

In addition to all that, when you will feel the need, I can also guide you: 

o   activate soul agreements you have with a love partner, clients, business partners, friends...
o   clear ancestral lineage,
o   free yourself from constraining relationship,
o   receive guidance for your next step in Life...


Renewed access to Self Mastery Mastery’s weekly calls

Our clients tell us they get so much value from the Self Mastery Mastery’s weekly group calls, we had to make them part of the BLOSSOM program.

Please Note: Blossom is a month to month membership. We will automatically renew your membership each month. If you wish to cancel your membership you must do so 5 days prior to your next billing date.

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