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You are a heart-centered professional woman: a leader, a coach, a change-maker, an innovator, or an entrepreneur…

You are aware that there is much more to life than what you are experiencing now, you currently feel stuck in your life, your business, your career and you are yearning for Self-expression, Love, and Freedom in your life.

You want to love yourself, flow with life’s events, feel understood and valued, be aligned and fulfilled, make a positive impact in the world, express your creativity, experience joy… and achieve your fullest potential!

Till now you may have experienced the alternative; it’s more than time now to listen to that yearning and begin living the Big Dream.



We can help

Most personal development or transformation programs being taught today are simply not long-lasting. They say you only need to believe in yourself to find answers, or provide you with Band-Aids, or tell you that you have to accept & live with your past, or make you search for a supposed life purpose for ages…

Cecile Randoing’s Self Mastery program is different… truly transformative. Helping you to transform your limiting thoughts, rewrite your life’s story, connect with your essence and your dream, access new opportunities in your Life & business, and be able to take the right actions to manifest your dreams.

In the Self Mastery program, we share ancient wisdom & practices that are really transformative and generative, a pragmatic step-by-step approach … we give you Practical Support and Spiritual Guidance to create new opportunities for you to be who you really are, to experience Self-Love, to manifest the life that you desire and deserve, to get your greatest work out in the world and achieve your fullest potential.

And when you are ready, click below to watch a complimentary training video on the steps we use to help our clients step into full Self-Expression

Transformative Results

Our greatest joy is watching our clients thrive and achieve their fullest potential! 
These women are extraordinary. They committed to themselves, worked hard, and faced their fears. If you want to transform your life and get results like theirs, you have to do the same.


Discover what many truly awake professional women know about Self Mastery

Enjoy an eye-opening 50 minutes discovering the 5 steps to step into Full Self-Expression and master Self!