How to perceive information from the Akashic Records?

Perceiving information from the Akashic field is not an action but rather a process with different steps.

You receive the information based on the question you asked or your intention. The question or your intention is the first filter.

Then you perceive the information through your perception channels:

  • see images with our mind-eyes,
  • have physical sensations,
  • hear sounds or music,
  • even we can smell or taste,
  • also by receiving insights or downloads of information, bypassing the mind. It’s a knowing.
  • Some have developed intuition, clairvoyant dreams…etc.


Finally, you interpret the information through your perception filter(s): belief system, imagery, personal myths, opinions, dreams, fears… and the words you choose to express what you perceived.

So, there are at least 4 layers of filter between the informational vibration to the message you convey. Thus, an important aspect is to be careful of the interpretation you make and vigilant not to project your inner world on the information you receive, whatever form it takes. Especially if this information is for someone else, a friend or a client, or a group.

In the Akashic Records training – Initiation course I offer, the participants spend at least 3 sessions on their own healing. To remove any doubt about the truth of the information received, develop their confidence in their inner knowing, and clear as many perception filters as possible. This is what makes this training unique.

If you feel called and ready to access the sacred wisdom of the Akashic Records, and heal your perception filters, join our waiting list to the next Akashic Records course: