How to start Mastering Self?

Being a master of one Self is to clear our mind of beliefs, domestication, expectations, and emotional attachments. Thus releasing the autopilot mind and ending the war within ourselves.
To reach personal freedom.

The 1st step won’t surprise you, because you know that I am a big fan of it: Observation.
Observe yourself, your thoughts, reactions, emotions.
Notice the patterns.
Activate your observer self, and it will reveal who you think you are.

The 2nd step is awareness.
Your thoughts are constantly taking you into the future or the past, so, consequently, this is probably where you spend most of your life.
To be aware is to always keep coming back to what is happening NOW. The NOW is where you connect with your inner light, with your essence.
Being aware is to witness your thoughts, emotions, actions, and the world with non-attachment.

You can practice being in the now and aware through meditation, conscious breathing, walking in nature, using a timer to remind you to stop-breath during your day-to-day, writing, singing… etc.

The 3rd step is being a performer rather than a spectator
Self-mastery means always taking an active approach in life.
When a situation obviously calls for a response, a self-mastered person takes the initiative and steps right in.
There’s no room for passivity and sitting on the bench.
Don’t hesitate, just do it.
Follow through with what you know is right. Listen to your intuition, inner knowing, emotional wave, or ask yourself, “does it bring me joy?”.
Also, practice reconnecting to your inner light /guide. Strengthen that unique connection, remove the fog of the Ego, stand in your center, and act from there only.
The 4th step is to make peace with your past.
It means to let go, forgive, and rewrite your story to remove the emotional charges of past events that are dragging you down. And once you have done it once, stay vigilant and audit yourself regularly.

You can find these 4 simple steps in the Self Mastery program, which is about self-awareness, and self-authoring; it’s about learning how to free yourself to reach full self-expression.
So if you want to learn how to reconnect with yourself, learn the mastery and transform your life experience, I am offering complimentary calls with me and my team.
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