How your Personal Control Room is operating?

Your Personal Control Room is the lens through which you perceive, see and experience life. It’s made of beliefs, assumptions, emotions, stances, postures, behaviors, languages, attitudes …and images.

Many ancient traditions say that Humans think and live in images or fantasy that are conscious or unconscious. And they create their reality upon those images.
Our senses perceive all sorts of information, and from that information perceived, our minds build images that create the reality we live in.

Quantum physics says the same thing with different words; you can check the most frequently explained experiment: The Double Slit experiment if you want to know more.
What we look for influences what we find. Through our hopes, dreams, fears, expectations, and projections … thus our images, we shape our world.
Do you get it?

You built your Personal Control Room during your life and especially during childhood; the images you chose consciously or unconsciously come from religion, media, TV, art, movie, education, family, books …etc.

This multifaceted and multilayered Personal Control Room stands between your essence, your true Self, and the vision and experience of yourself today.
It is a kind of security fence … safe but limited, sometimes very limited.
All that you think, sense, experience in your life, what you do or don’t do … find its root in your Personal Control Room.

So you could decide to condemn yourself to live inside your Personal Control Room, your fence, always seeing life with the same eyes. Experiencing a life that always tastes the same, having relationships that always end the same, being triggered by the same kind of people, the exact words, emotions, repeating the same mistakes again and again, doubting your decisions, and fearing their effects …etc.
You could decide to transform your Personal Control Room to see, perceive, experience the world in an all-new way. To expand your truth about yourself and life.
Focus on yourself and have a totally new relationship with yourself, accepting and loving yourself.
You can decide to stop reacting to your life’s daily challenges and triggers, start to be emotionally stable and respond to life with ease. And open the door to abundance, success, joy, or peace and manifest it with enthusiasm.
You will then free yourself from those limiting images and beliefs and rediscover your essence, your spirit.

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