RIP self-judgment and blaming

How to Let Go of Your Inner Critic?
“I’ll never be successful enough.”
“If only my career would be like him/her, maybe I’d be happy then.”
“There’s no way I can have the relationship of my dreams. I don’t deserve it.”

Chances are, you’ve said something similar to these statements. And the emotions behind them have left you feeling frustrated, helpless, like a victim, or overwhelmed. STOP.
Judgment and blame have gotten you nowhere in your life.
But don’t feel guilty; most people take the same exact approach. And why wouldn’t they?

On the surface, this perspective on life feels ‘right’. And society reinforces the victim mentality. But this only leads to disappointment and more of the same feelings. You don’t want that, right?!
You want to take ownership of your life.

It’s important to realize that you already control your life; you just don’t know it. Right now, those limiting thoughts and beliefs are writing the story of your life. All you need to do is switch to a new operating system. One that lets you take back control of your life, to become more conscious of what is happening, and more intentional and responsible.
You’re already creating a life you don’t want. Let’s create a life you DO want.

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