Akashic Records—Learn How to Tap Into Sacred Wisdom

How will you manifest self-authority and innate joy in your life?

Tap into the wisdom of the Akashic field and everything is possible…

Wish you could find guidance and direction?


Ancient wisdom can unlock your inner power

We have already collaborated, and you are eager to further your personal growth, develop your awareness and expand your consciousness. With the wisdom of the Akashic field flowing into your life in a multitude of different ways, you can see real-world benefits with the right approach to Akashic training. Just imagine achieving the level of expanded consciousness that allows you to:

  • Live as your own healer and move past limiting beliefs and past traumas
  • Attain a true state of self-liberation as you set yourself free like never before
  • Re-Tune your inner being on a higher frequency as you experience true alignment

A proven approach to life transformation

Working with the Akashic field allows you to dive deep into your own background, being, and sense of self. It’s a proven journey that sets you up to achieve complete oneness in life, all while aligning with your purpose in a way that works in the real world. Take a moment to reflect on what living like this will feel like:

  • Purposeful as you find direction and clarity in every area of your life for the first time
  • Harmonious as you achieve alignment of purpose, passion and so much more
  • Relaxed because you’ll feel everything come together the way nature intended
  • Energized thanks to the absence of limiting beliefs and the negative energy they bring

There is little else as powerful and fulfilling as this. 


How your life will change

  • You will be able to trust your inner guidance and have greater clarity about your next successful steps.
  • You will be able to naturally amplify your intuition and attract the right opportunities, relationships, clients, or projects.
  • Your productivity, confidence, and impact will all grow.
  • You will achieve true self-authority and the ability to amplify your voice.
  • You will finally attain a true state of self-liberation and living in abundance will be your new standard.

Now ask yourself if you really can afford to miss out on these life-changing outcomes…

Ready to deep dive for true wisdom?

If you are new to these concepts or if we have never collaborated before, private 1:1 wisdom sessions allow you to immerse yourself in authentic clarity as you receive unique insights for greater understanding. Along the way, you’ll identify and remove limiting beliefs, tune into new possibilities, and find pathways of emotional healing. All you have to do is believe it’s possible.

Together we will amplify your energy.

Why wait?

What others love about the Akashic Training programs

  • Don't miss out on this transformative experience! Whaouuu... this training was absolutely life-changing and Cecile's guidance was phenomenal!
    Mary R. – leader
  • The Akashic Records program had a profound impact on my spiritual growth. Cecile's incredible expertise provided me with invaluable insights into my inner knowing, life's purpose, and more. This program is a must for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual practice and advance their personal development. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
    James M. – leader
  • This Akashic Records training was truly transformative. It helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and my life's purpose. I now feel more connected to my spiritual path. Cecile is at the same time professional, structured, caring, and so generous. This training is an invaluable opportunity to gain insight and knowledge that will help you to further your spiritual journey.
    Caroline W. – leader
  • This training is just exceptional! It introduced me to innovative techniques and tools I've since used successfully in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend this training to anyone seeking to expand their self-awareness and improve their life. It is a comprehensive and engaging training that is sure to inspire and empower all who attend.
    Suzan S. – leader
  • This training is truly life-changing. Cécile created a safe and supportive environment where I learned powerful techniques. I was able to release emotional blockages that had been holding me back for years and feel more empowered in my ability to support myself. I highly recommend this training to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of self and connect more deeply with themselves.
    Ana P. – leader
  • I highly recommend Cecile who trained me in the Akashic Records and her sensitivity and pedagogy are exemplary! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make concrete changes in their life.”
    Sylvie K. – leader
  • A unique experience!!! An enlightening journey to dive deep into self-discovery facilitated by an outstanding coach: Cecile accompany each participant with her wisdom and insights - Great experience.”
    Carole C. – coach
  • Clear, simple, and effective. I felt free and welcomed in a non-judgmental and well-structured space. The program followed was very nice, dynamic, and energizing. The answers to the questions and the follow-up were quick and precise. I recommend.
    Nathalie O. – artist
  • This program has been a turning point for me. As the connection and tools, I received allow me to have answers to ALL my questions. I open my Akashic Records, ask my questions and receive the Divine Wisdom I now have access to. A powerful experience with Cecile Randoing thanks to her strength and experience.”
    Mary McG. – artist
  • Great experience Excellent facilitation, strong structure, and very useful handouts. Cécile Randoing is an excellent facilitator, with humor, empathy, and flexibility.”
    Christophe D. – author
  • Cecile Randoing is a very skillful Akashic Records Master. She is more than that, as she uses a lot of different practices and techniques to help her clients to trust the guidance they receive from the Records and grow spiritually. Her approach is highly intuitive and personalized. I highly recommend working with her and beginning the empowering Akashic journey with her.”
    Aliya K. – entrepreneur
  • I especially liked this program's simplicity and the obviousness of this practice, which are good signs of accuracy. I also liked the group facilitation by Cecile Randoing, the choice of the step-by-step learning approach, very engaging and efficient, the interactions with the other people really great, and the materials provided.”
    Jacques E. – entrepreneur
  • A powerful and impactful program giving you a different way of looking and relating with the world.”
    Frank UW. – coach and author
  • Excellent program with a very rich content and an excellent facilitation.
    Jean-Christophe P. – coach