Akashic Records—Learn How to Tap Into Sacred Wisdom

Release the Secret Knowledge of Ancient Wisdom

If you’re unaware of your inner power, you can’t use it to heal, transform, and grow.
Through this training program, you’ll get the opportunity to utilize your own Akashic Records to ask more in-depth questions that empower you to achieve further personal and spiritual growth.
Leverage and access your Akashic Records to identify, release, and nurture everything you’ve created, by signing up for our Akashic Records training.


How Akashic Records & Sacred Wisdom Will Transform Your Life

There is true power in doing this work.
Through this work, you’ll…

  • Experience Spiritual Growth.
  • We help you use your own Akashic Records to ask deep questions that lead to your spiritual growth. By helping you access these records, you’ll be in a better position to identify, release, and nurture all that you have created.
  • Discover Your Oneness.
  • Once you understand your Akashic record, you’ll not only recognize but experience your oneness with life. This is not something that can be taught, but through our program, we guide you towards this truth.
  • Stop Reacting & Start Acting.
  • From a place of deep understanding, you’ll learn to respond and create action in your life, instead of reacting to life as it comes at you.
    There is little else as powerful and fulfilling as this.

Are You Ready to Expand?

If you’re ready to explore what your Akashic Records hold, then it’s time to sign up for our training program.
Self-healing and self-liberation lead to empowerment on a level you may never have experienced before. Wouldn’t that be incredible?
I want to take your hand and guide you through that process.

Together, we’ll explore sacred wisdom that is simply waiting for you to explore.
Our no-BS Akashic Records training has everything you need to level up your life.
It’s time. Join us.

Are you willing to deep dive into the Akashic wisdom?

1:1 Akashic Wisdom Session

Through Akashic Records private sessions, you will find greater clarity, receive insights, have a greater understanding of who you are, identify the rooted beliefs and patterns that are blocking you, heal emotional wounds, activate possibilities… etc.

This is a process through which we can open your Akashic Records for and with you, allowing you to amplify the energetic field and more easily receive the information or healing you seek.

What others love about the Akashic Records programs

This training has been a turning point for me
As the connection and tools, I received allow me to have answers to ALL my questions.
I open my Akashic Records, ask my questions and receive the Divine Wisdom I now have access to.
A powerful experience with Cecile Randoing thanks to her strength and experience.
Mary – healer and artist

A powerful and impactful course
A powerful and impactful course giving you a different way of looking and relating with the world.
Frank – Senior coach and author

I especially liked this course’s simplicity and the obviousness of this practice
Which are good signs of accuracy. The animation of the group by Cecile Randoing, the choice of the step-by-step learning approach, very engaging and efficient, the interactions with the other people really great, the materials made available.
Jacques – entrepreneur, facilitator and coach

Cecile Randoing is a very skillful Akashic Records Master.
She is more than that as she uses a lot of different practices and techniques to help her clients to trust the guidance they receive from the Records and grow spiritually.
Her approach is highly intuitive and personalized.
I highly recommend working with her and beginning the empowering Akashic journey with her.
Aliya – International serial entrepreneur

Great experience
Excellent facilitation, strong structure, and very useful handouts.
Cécile Randoing is an excellent facilitator, with humor, empathy and flexibility
Christophe – author and therapist

Excellent course
With very rich content and an excellent facilitation
Jean-Christophe – leader and coach