As part of the Self Mastery program, during the 9 weeks you get:
Weekly videos
Weekly videos with instructions for your personal transformational work to guide you step by step in your work. – lifetime access to these videos.
Weekly calls
Weekly calls where you can ask the questions you may have about the personal transformational work, learn from other women and have access to me – access during the duration of the program.
one-on-one Transformation sessions
4 one-on-one 30-min online Transformation sessions: week 1, week 4, week 6 and week 9 to deep dive, find the roots of your limitations, build the foundation for your new life and also, have the accountability you want.
Dedicated & Private Facebook group
Dedicated & Private Facebook group to share your experience, learn from other women’s journey, be part of an intimate & powerful peer group… etcaccess during the duration of the program.
Personal helpdesk
If you have additional question, you'll be able to send an email. You are not alone in that journey and you’ll get support from everywhere because that what makes the difference at the end of the day.  – access during the duration of the program
The 4 key steps to achieve your fullest potential
This program is built around 3 main things


Cutting Edge Content


What really matters is the results that you are getting, not so much the modalities. Everything is sequenced and aligned to support you to get more results in less time.

The unique combination of millennial native wisdom and practices, quantum science and Akashic energy.
It’s the accountability that keeps you moving forward. Thus the program includes an in-depth personalized support to help you at every step and guide you along the way.
How do you need to show up?

100% committed to your personal transformation and, Decisive, deep inside you know what decision you need to make.

Coachable, you follow the steps and are ready to step into your dream life.

Resourceful, you know that there is always a way to find what you need.

With Integrity, respect yourself and others.

What will you need?

And on average 30 to 45 min per day on your own,

An Internet connection,

A notebook and color pens.