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Listen to Sara and Sangna in-depth interviews, on how they transformed their life.

"So many things changed… the transformation was big.
I feel closer to myself, I trust more my intuition and I appreciate myself more!
One big gift and big surprise that happened for me during the program was that I really unblocked the relationship with my body; I started to really feel more appreciative of my body and feeling myself more beautiful, confident!
My economic situation also changed, I am actually making more money and it’s gonna give me the opportunity to invest more energy and time in my project… it was a gift."

“I've managed to change job, I just felt so comfortable and now I'm at a stage where I want to be exposed to different challenges and opportunities. I feel I am good enough!
And in my personal life, I try not to get too caught up in the dynamics of my family, I watch, observe and not react. Now, I've decided not to waste energy, I've became much calmer and in acceptance of what's going on.
I feel much better! I am excited, accepting of who I am, and I am exactly where I need to be right now.”

Sara Di Gravio - Italian dancer
Sangna Unadkat - British therapist
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Removing drama from your life  
How to go over your inner limitations? 

Removing drama from her life, wasting less energy on negative patterns and streamlining her life to be in flow are all benefits that Cecile now experiences. Is she living life the way her younger self would have designed it?

What are inner limitations?
How do they limit us? How can we transform them?
Cecile shares one simple and easy tip on how you can become a conscious person taking responsibility for her life. 

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