Tips to access your Akashic Records

We are all created by and connected to the energy of the Akashic field. Every being in the Universe contributes to and accesses the Akashic Records.

As we are receptors of information, most of the time, we access our Akashic Records unconsciously, and you can learn to do it more consciously.

You are already accessing your personal Akashic Records all the time. Whether through intuition, meditation, insights … they are glimpses into the sacred wisdom contained in the Akashic Records.

And you can learn to tune your consciousness to the Akashic Records’ frequency to access it using a prayer, mantra, or invocation. The prayer, mantra, or invocation works like an “energetic key” that opens a portal to access the sacred wisdom recorded in the Records.

Here are some tips for accessing your Akashic Records:

1- Be conscious: only access your Akashic Records with a fully conscious mind.

2- Be intentional: Prepare your intention, why you are accessing the Akashic Records today? and say it out loud before opening your Records.

3- Create a safe environment to open your Records, ideally a not crowded, quiet, and beautified space.

4- Connect to your inner light: empty your mind, release any tension, breath, connect to your heart, center yourself and let your inner light be perceived. Listen to it.


You can also find greater clarity through an Akashic Records consultation, a beautiful process through which I will open your Akashic Records for you and with you. This process will allow you to raise your vibrations, amplify your energetic field and receive the information you seek, the healing you need, the clarity you are yearning for.

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