Transforming your Personal Control Room: a new way for a true long-lasting transformation

Your Personal Control Room is the lens through which you perceive, see and experience life. It’s made of beliefs, assumptions, emotions, stances, postures, behaviors, languages, attitudes …and images.

To change your perception and experience, you need to blow apart the mind-made and limiting fence and transform that Control Room.
To do that, there is the old approach, the self-development way to overcome your limiting thoughts & habits, and you probably see a lot of people teaching this or using this old way. You spend months and even years identifying your objectives, values, life mission, dreams, and passions, or sometimes looking for the thoughts or saboteurs that are affecting you.
You can read theoretical personal development books or mindset books, listen to podcasts, attend workshops, or immersive seminars to go deeper… But it’s never enough because the transformation is operated at the surface of the Self, the roots of your suffering are still there, and your new resolutions don’t last long enough.

And if you do all that, maybe you’ll have transformed and released some limiting thoughts … but after some months, a year or 2, the old you, your old habits will gradually return.
So life coaching, workshops, podcasts, books, retreats … may or may not transform you forever.
Maybe it’ll take you years and years to find the true core beliefs that you need to work on to truly transform yourself.

This old approach doesn’t harm you but doesn’t really help you rewire your mind either. It can take forever, and most of the time, little by little old habits, old limiting thoughts, old stories crawl back in your mind & in your life. And even worse, you get your old reactions back.
Moreover, this doesn’t teach you how to do it on your own, on-demand, whenever you need it!

You want a REAL, long-lasting transformation and new established synaptic pathways, new attitudes, new opinions … etc.
You want to do it on your own and any time you need it.
You want to become YOUR OWN HEALER.

So you don’t need years of coaching or therapy, you don’t need to read hundreds of books and listen to podcasts, you don’t need workshops, seminars, … you just need to transform your Personal Control Room.
Are you with me?

So what is the new way for a true, long-lasting transformation?
There are 4 steps:

  • Observe: The first step is an observation phase; you need to observe yourself, like a scientist observing yourself through a microscope. In the end, you get a fantastic documentary about who you are and the patterns shaping your life experience.
  • Map your Personal Control Room: you’ll need to identify the different images associated with what you observed, the beliefs, the patterns… the various images that make your Personal Control Room.
  • Decide to transform the different images and then your Personal Control Room. You’ll need to make a conscious decision about transforming the images that are not serving you.
  • Choose: Consciously choose the new truth about you, your relationships, life ….
    And define what structure & rituals will help you manifest that truth about yourself.
  • And finally, begin as many times as needed. Because you’ll know by then how to do it, you will be able to transform and revamp your Personal Control Room on demand.

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