What are the feminine and masculine energies?

For our western society, there are 2 energies, the feminine and the masculine; there are opposite energies most of the time associated with women for the feminine and men for the masculine energy.

There are a lot of beliefs around these 2two energies. For example, “Man is strong, and woman is weak and vulnerable” or “Man takes decision-based on fact & logic, a woman based on her emotional state” or “Women are caring, and men are not”…etc.
I am sure that you heard or have many other beliefs.

Thanks to different movements like feminism, quest for meaning, mindfulness… things are moving, and little by little, men and women reconnect with their feminine side, but … there is a but.

There are so many speakers, influencers, programs, articles, videos, and Facebook groups that only focus on the feminine (with sometimes an unspoken kind of revenge against the masculine). I can appreciate why this is happening. It’s not my way of acting because it reinforces the collective victim mind and doesn’t help us take our responsibility back. Have you noticed it too?

I am careful not to carry that energy here, in my work, and in my programs.

I learned and experienced that there is a need for both the feminine and the masculine within us, in our family and society. Both energies are necessary, and one cannot exist without the other.

What’s important is the balance between these two energies.

So what are the qualities of these two energies?

The feminine energy can be described as more receptive, holding, yielding, intuitive, feel before understanding, nurturing, healing, creative and passionate; the energy is projected inwardly.

There is deep wisdom, and it’s associated with a life-giving force.
The feminine energy is perceived as more still and patient; it’s an invitation to slow down, be in the now, be flexible, and let go of all our attachments.
It’s connected to the dream, pure potential, and magic.

In nature, we recognize the feminine energy at nighttime, in the Moon and its lunar cycle.

The masculine energy can be described as more action or goal-oriented, assertive, logical, mind-oriented / rational thinking without the need to control, confidence without arrogance and honor; the energy is projected outwardly.

The masculine energy is perceived as more adventurous, even survival, courageous, firm, loyal, and providing strength.

It’s the energy of manifestation and action.

In nature, we recognize the masculine energy at daytime, in the Sun, and in the solar cycle.

Even if centuries of beliefs make us think differently, even if we have our preferences, there is no hierarchy in nature, only a modern human-made hierarchy. The day is not better than the night, giving is not better than receiving, winter is not better than summer…

Both energies are necessary, and one cannot exist without the other.

The two opposite energies, the masculine and feminine, come together in unity of feeding and being fed, giving and receiving for balance and creation.

The Infinity Movement they create shows us how we come to experience the Universe in our unique way.

The interaction of these two energies simultaneously antagonistic and complementary engenders all beings.

This applies to everything in life; there are always two opposite forces.

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