Who We Are

Meet Your Light Mentor

Hello, my name is Cecile Randoing, and I help you become a Guardian of your light.

I started my career as an engineer, eventually transitioning into a consultant and leader for multi-million-dollar businesses. In 2012, I left that life to become an entrepreneur.
This rapid change throughout my career eventually led to the path I walk now. While I have spent most of my adult life practicing Tao, it was over the past decade and a half that my path became clear.

For the past 15 years, I’ve been a mindset & consciousness coach, even taught other coaches and supervised them.
During that time, I also spent 10 years being trained by a native American Medicine Woman, my training followed the teaching of the Delicate Lodge (council guide, black lodge consciousness mastery, and Kiva chief). And over the past 8 years, I have dived deep into the world of Akashic Records, eventually becoming a master practitioner and teacher.

I also have much more training in the spiritual realm, even learning from energy masters and shamans to help me experiment and learn as much as possible about spiritual healing.

But what might be of the most interest to you is how I can help you.
As the owner of foresee you, I guide and mentor professional women to move beyond their uncomfortable day-to-day and experience radical self-love and inner peace.
I want to be your no-BS guide to learning what you need and want.
Most of us suffer from finding clarity on what & how to do it, or we don’t have access to the tools and resources to manifest it.
As your guide, I teach you to stop the noise surrounding you and within you, so you can listen to and trust your inner voice.

I warmly invite you to join in and explore how this can transform your life!

My Mission

As a guardian of the light, it is my personal mission to guide professional women on their path to spiritual awakening. Fully reconnecting with their divine feminine and nourishing it to become their own guardian of light.


Let’s Walk Together Towards The Light

I want to help you free yourself from your inner limitations, step into your unbridled power, and achieve your fullest potential. Through a skillful blend of ancient earth wisdom, spiritual practices, accountability, and responsibility, you can do this.

Together, let’s evolve towards more refined expressions of ourselves and our nature, cultivating our inner joy and peace, and connecting to our light.