Who we are

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Cecile Randoing and the School of Being’s mission

We call ourselves Guardians of the Light.
We guide you to become who you really are and to raise your consciousness to bring more Light into the world.

Cecile Randoing

Cecile Randoing, the ex-left brain engineer who became a spiritual guide

Once upon a time I was an engineer in Industrial Management with a Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance, I held corporate positions such as Deputy General Manager in an international company and Transformation Director in a consulting firm … at one point, I realized that I was always looking for the next better step, trying to prove myself, thinking I was still missing something and life started feeling too constrained.

On the outside everything looked perfect, looked that I was very successful & having great times, but deep inside I was feeling unfulfilled, emotionally struggling and in constant fight against myself.

Thus I began to understand that I needed to realign with my path, remove the drama from my life and transform my inner limitations.

I became a Professional Certified Coach, a Systemic Coaching teacher, a Reiki Practitioner, a Council Guide mastering the Native Black Lodge Consciousness, a Master Akashic Healer and finally I connected to the universal teacher principle that lives inside all of us.

Thus, I bring more than 25 years of experience weaving spiritual guiding, ceremony hosting, coaching, consulting, entrepreneurship and managing businesses, to my clients all around the world.
During the last 15 years, I’ve guided heart-centered professional women to raise their consciousness, heal their emotional wounds, align themselves with their true purpose and calling in life, transform their lives, and master Abundance.
My clients, while working with me have experienced deep & long-lasting transformation in their life, gained clarity, inner peace, and freedom.

Cecile Randoing within the School of Being, only works with experienced senior international healers and teachers, to guide you in raising your consciousness and mastering Abundance.
We support our wonderful clients to evolve towards more refined expressions of themselves, their natures, and become more powerful and complete.