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Here’s what others have to say about the Self Mastery program

Our greatest joy is watching our clients thrive!
All of these women worked hard, followed the Self Mastery process to the letter, dedicated time to heal themselves, and overcame multiple challenges to succeed. Do not assume under any circumstances that your results will look like theirs. You are different, and so your results will be different.

We are very proud of all of them.

Sara Di Gravio

Italian Artist

From feeling confused and anxious, doubting herself and experiencing financial tensions.

To more trust, self-confidence, and self-love. And connection to new opportunities & money.

“For me everybody should give herself the opportunity to do this kind of work, because it’s priceless! There is nothing we can have from the outside that is going to give us what we can have working on the inside and personally, I was scared to do this jump… but I can really say after going through this program, to every woman, that’s a gift you’re giving to yourself!”

Sangna Unadkat

British Therapist

From experiencing frustration, work/life imbalance, and self-doubt. And feeling not being recognized and wasting her energy.

To feeling comfortable with an increased self-esteem, and self-acceptance. Having a new job and excitement for the future.

“Jump! if you’re not happy in how your life is going or how you’re feeling, you’ve got nothing to lose at the end of the day and you’ve got more to gain but you do have to be ready to face your fears. You can definitely learn from the journey.”

Andreia Goncalves

Portuguese Marketing leader working in the British retail industry

From feeling disconnected from her inner-power and purpose, and feeling not enough herself!!!

To feeling happy, experiencing more self-love, and love for others. And being connected to a clear purpose.

“This program really worth the money. You are being given tools that you can apply not just during nine weeks but really for the rest of your life, you are empowered, you have what you need to go on and drive this change that you need if you’re feeling you’re not really being yourself.”

Houda Benjelloun

Canadian-Moroccan ex-banker and executive coach

From feeling constrained, almost paralyzed, with self-doubt. And being over-controlling.

To being in flow, detached from the outcome, attractive to people. Being joyful and able to receive.

“if you want to really work on yourself do it. Just do it, jump, hop, do it because truly it is for me, so far, the most transformative things that I’ve done. It’s a gift to yourself, truly it’s the best gift you can give yourself… this is worth everything else.”

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