Signs your self-worth is sabotaging you

Are you envious of other people who seemingly have it all?
Do you wish you could break free from the agony of low self-worth but genuinely feel like it’s not possible for you?
Do you try really hard, over-working yourself to the point of exhaustion, only to still feel like a failure?
Do you constantly self-sabotage yourself just when you’re about to reach your goal?
Are you convinced that you aren’t good enough?
These are classic signs of low self-worth.
Your self-worth is not defined by others but by you!
So you have the key.
A potent antidote is to start by acknowledging that you are not seeing yourself worthy or enough, and as soon as you recognize it, the healing process begins.
Then visualize flying up from now to the initial event in your past responsible for creating that feeling of unworthiness. Note how you were feeling then and what you told yourself or the promise you made.
Identify the lesson that event taught you about life. Finally, release the feeling or promise and replace it with the learning.
Within you is guiding energy so powerful that it can cut through decades of low self-worth. And when you embrace it, the entire world will open up to you. It’s waiting for you.

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