Being a master of our Self is to clear our mind of beliefs, domestication, expectations, and emotional attachments. Meaning releasing the autopilot mind and then ending the war within ourselves.

We do all that to reach personal freedom.

Self-mastery is a state of mind, a way of living, and an iterative process.
It’s about de-learning who we think we are, remembering who we really are, and stalking every non-truths that the autopilot mind whispers in our minds.

I asked the women and men who went through the Self Mastery program, ” what words best describe what Self Mastery is for you?”. Their answers are freedom, empowerment, responsibility, the road to spirituality, connecting with the infinite, a journey, balance, joy, inner peace…

Self Mastery is also about integrating and balancing both feminine and masculine parts. We could say that Self Mastery is gender-neutral 😉 … as some aspects of the process are more feminine, like observation, awareness, and others more of the masculine side like taking action or positivity.

However, the path to Self Mastery is different for women and men because they will need to turn the volume up or down on various aspects of their lives.

The results of Self Mastery are multiple and impressive:

  • You can reach complete self-expression – no more self-editing, total acceptance of who you are,
  • Surround yourself with infinite possibilities and achieve your fullest potential – no more doubt or self-sabotage,
  • Choose from an open heart and take action with courage, thus flowing with life,
  • Understand that there is nothing to do to find yourself, and that brings inner peace,
  • Be in sync with life and let it express through you in the present moment,
  • Consciously integrating and gaining knowledge,
  • And Living in a spirit of impeccability and joy because you are doing your best!

Self Mastery offers freedom, empowerment, and transcendence.

To be the Master of your own Self is to fully understand who you really are.

It is a discovery of your inner guiding light.

Self Mastery is the ultimate form of self-love, self-respect, and self-transcendence.

So Self Mastery is fantastic, but you may wonder what’s the catch, what does it require?

Mastery may indeed evoke control or something inaccessible, and in fact, it’s not the case.

Mastery in this sense doesn’t mean controlling in a negative and rigid way but taking full responsibility for your own life.

And that makes a big difference.

It’s about recognizing that you are at cause, the origin of nearly all you meet in life, the bad and good, the beautiful and ugly. No more blaming, judging, or criticizing, but it’s about recognizing your creative power in all that.

So Self-mastery requires:

  • Ownership is the prerequisite. You need to own your decisions, your reactions, your choices.
  • Courage to face the beliefs, memories, and emotions that create your current story.
  • Self-discipline to do the work and follow the process.
  • Practice, it’s not theoretical work. You’ll be your own experiment.
  • And vigilance – to stay at peace and stalk any sign of inner tension.

This is what it takes.
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